5th Transnational Meeting. Kavala 2022

5th Transnational Meeting. Kavala 2022

MULTITRACES. Multidisciplinary training in circular economy and smart valorisation of the rural area for new business models
Project ID: 2019-1-RO01-KA203-063870
International Hellenic University
Kavala, Greece. 1-2 September, 2022

1st of September 

Meeting of the participants at the Airotel Galaxy lobby-

Transportation to IHU Kavala campus Welcome from IHU partners Participants registration Handing over the Declarations of the relationship

Overviews of the intellectual products developed and the tasks concerning the dissemination
 O1 Intellectual product:
 O2 – comparative study:
 O3 – Circular economy on rural territories- trends and tools
 O4 – Guide for Moodle platform
 O5 – O8 MULTITRACES online courses: final verification of materials

O9 – online courses performed
 report of the activity (links to the video if this is the case) each module
 video presentation of the courses and teachers
 deadlines of the reports and videos
 O10 – O11 Management and leadership – soft skills
 report concerning the students selection, promotion materials
 deadline of the reports
 list of the selected participants signed
 attendance certificates
 O12 National practice and students’projects

O13 International practice of the students
Quality indicators of the Intellectual products
Dissemination activities
Friday 2nd September 2022

Meeting of the participants at the Airotel Galaxy lobby- Transportation to IHU Kavala campus

Dissemination activities at national and international level
Sustainability of the project
Indicators of sustainability
New project proposal

Planning of the final meeting in Romania

Handing the participation certificates to attendees
Evaluation of the meeting
Closure of the meeting

5th_Meeting_Agenda_1-2Sept_Kavala _2022_Final


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